Meet the Geek behind FriendsWhoWeed

Meet the Geek behind FriendsWhoWeed

A one-woman-show, and the Founder of FriendsWhoWeed, Emily Riehl has been a long time stoner, facing the brunt of the many stereotypes and backlash that we still fight off today. An outspoken advocate, and a mom open to the world about her experience with cannabis, she took a chance and dropped everything to support a piece of history she unequivocally backed. Unsure of her place within the industry yet, all she knew was that she had to be hands on and support a movement that had been an intrinsic part of her well being for so long. Working her way up from cannabis retail, to becoming a sales rep for a producer, and now a National Sales Manager, Emily understands what building connections within, and outside, of this community means. She’s found cracks in the foundation, and understands where she fits and the purpose for her leap of faith four years ago- to bridge the gap between corporate and culture, and to move the philosophies of the plant forward while raising money and support for causes that unite and impact those that need it the most. By collaborating with smaller businesses, creators and designers, Emily fosters these goals through her newly blossomed company.

Join Emily on her road to connection and proving what stoners are made
of- what we can do as a collective when we put our heads and our hearts together. Become a friend who weeds and find a home within the cannabis community. With high hopes and bigger dreams we refuse to wait for change when we hold the power to create it! Let's stoke the flames of progress that we wish to see, and bring cannabis culture back into our industry!

Features Include: Boveda's International Women's Day Podcast, Top 20 in their 20's Business of Cannabis Awards & More. 

 Feel free to send her a virtual high five on LinkedIn or via the @friendswhoweed_ Instagram! 

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