Throughout the years cannabis has been a discovery experience for so many people; whether
it’s used therapeutically or recreationally- it’s meant to bring us closer together. FriendsWhoWeed
fights to blend all of these elements at once- to keep the original message and ties of culture and
community within the rapidly expanding world of cannabis; to celebrate what it means to have a tribe
that you can lean on, while giving back to the world around us, and impart change onto ideals that are
often reflected and reciprocated within our culture. As FWW grows we hope to support a multitude of
campaigns that seek to fill holes where necessary. A collaborative business, we want to hear from those
around us- basically, what changes do you want to see fixed or mended, and how can we help?

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  • Hats For High Hopes!

    Through Cannabis Amnesty, an organization created in 2018 that has helped fight for expedited pardons on a legislative level with a focus on the unjust actions held against Black and Indigenous consumers during cannabis prohibition, Friends Who Weed is able to help sponsor pardons by selling hats and donating 30% of its revenue to Cannabis Amnesty.

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Our Values


Without each other we would not be able to support awesome causes that we all care deeply about! Together, we focus on how we can help those around us.


We PINKY PROMISE to do the right thing - even when no one is looking! Transparency is key, if you can't find information you're looking for please ask!


A lot of people just need someone to be kind to them today, kind people are our kinda people! You can count on us to have your back & to help where we can.


    Do you have an idea on how to impact your community but don't know where to get started? Fill out this form and we will do our best to help you!

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