Tattooed artist woman painting cannabis artwork to raise money for at-risk youth. Donation kindness community

Krysten Wheadon, Artist and Angel!

Krysten Wheadon, she’s a bad ass butterfly with a larger heart. 

Krysten is currently a Territory Sales Manager for Qwest Cannabis by day, by night she’s an artist who’s painting beautiful things or tending to her own stunning cannabis plants. 

Our Founder, Emily Riehl, met Krysten during those first few exciting weeks leading up to legalization. They had both joined a stores under the same umbrella in Edmonton, Alberta to become some of the first budtenders in Alberta. Going through training together it was easy to see that Krysten was full of light. Her smile lit up the space, she pulled people out of their comfort zones for role playing and asked tons of questions of the licensed cannabis producers in the room. It was obvious Krysten would move into a role with someone who grows due to her passion and intent to do so - it seems she accomplishes what ever she puts her mind too! Recently running a marathon for the Alberta Cancer Institute and was able to beat her goal by 18 minutes and placing in the top 65 out of 160+ women to run. 

When Emily was looking for ideas for the next fundraiser she came across a reel posted by Krysten of one of her paintings of a cannabis plant. The light went off in Emily’s head - Krysten is clearly one of the coolest, nicest, and talented people you know, GET REACHING OUT! Thankfully, Krysten agreed almost immediately stating that her heart was tied to at-risk youth and giving back to them in someway. Regretfully, Health Canada doesn’t allow for any sort of sponsorship or donation from cannabis affiliated companies so we had to get creative. (Please say you spotted the pun or I will give up writing forever - k, thanks!)

We decided to move ahead and raise the money independently by doing a virtual auction taking place September 1-7 2022 and we will donate the money to SKETCH, an at-risk youth art program based in Toronto. As you can probably guess, we can’t tell you too much about it to avoid them or us getting in trouble. What we can tell you is once the donation takes place, we will share the receipt like always so you can be sure we put our money where our mouths are. Speaking of that - we want to be transparent and let you know that 70% of the cost will be donated. The remaining 30% will be used for the shipping of the item and paying for some of the fees used to operate the auction platform. 

 AUCTION LINK HERE: Krysten Wheadon - Art for Good! - GalaBid

We are so thrilled to announce this partnership and would love to have your help in sharing this auction around - the more people involved the better. We want to see these pieces up in dispensaries, licensed producers offices, consumer homes, budtender hangouts, bars and more! They are beautiful and the world deserves to see them, you deserve to buy some art that makes you feel good! 

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